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Lena Heggelund

Lykkejegere II. Pack of 10 Postcards (2-sided, No envelopes)

Lykkejegere II. Pack of 10 Postcards (2-sided, No envelopes)

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"The Lykkejegere project, translated from Norwegian as "hunters of happiness", has recently come to life. The distinctive series of drawings takes inspiration from photographs of animals found on websites seeking new homes. It appears as though these cats, dogs, rabbits, and birds have transformed into genuine seekers of happiness

Lykkejegere embodies my passion for depicting animals, my love for design, and my desire to support the socially vulnerable.

10% of the proceeds from the sales of this collection will be donated to the charitable organization Dyrebeskyttelsen Norge, founded in 1859. This organization stands as the largest and oldest in Norway, dedicated to animal protection."

A pack of 10 beautiful postcards. Perfect for any occasion. We recommend to use the semi-glossy or glossy options if you are to offer greeting cards with photos or images in them primarily. For text-heavy cards such as wedding invitations and thank you notes we recommend matte paper as it is often used to create a more luxurious or professional feeling.

Minimum quantity: 1 pack of cards

Printed on demand

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