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Lena is a multi cultural artist creating a vast variety of stories combining an equal amount of techniques. Her art is available for a global audience on products ranging from traditional limited edition prints, to posters, printed tote bags and phone covers.

Lena resides in Norway. She worked as a photographer for several years, before she started to work as an artist focusing on drawings and different printing techniques.

The last few years she has worked on combining these different techniques and skills in mixed media projects and animation movies. Lena is represented by several galleries in Norway and abroad (Galleri D40, Fineart, Kunstverket Galleri, Maerz Contemporary, Galleri Athene and Saatchi Art.) and has been comisioned by Norwegian authorities.

A major project was an animation film for The Directorate for Cultural Heritage related to the excavation of what was thougt to be the remains of Clemens Church in Trondheim, where Olav the Holy supposedly was buried. Lena is a member of the Association of Norwegian Visual Artists and The Norwegian Drawing Association

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