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Lena Heggelund

Home / Skein, limited edition 25 prints

Home / Skein, limited edition 25 prints

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Motive: 36,5 x 55 cm
Paper size 46,5 x 64,5 cm


The word Skein has a multitude of meanings. Pick and choose! What definition do you belive was the intention from the artist?

(from wikipedia):

  • A flock of geese or ducks in flight
  • A wound ball of yarn with a centre pull strand; see Hank
  • A metal piece fitted over the end of a wagon axle, to which the wheel is mounted
  • Skein (unit), a unit of length used by weavers and tailors
  • Skein (fish), the egg sack of the fish eggs and/or the eggs themselves
  • Skein module, a mathematical concept
  • Skein relation, a mathematical concept often used to give a simple definition of knot polynomials
  • Skein (comics), a fictional supervillain in the Marvel Comics universe
  • Skein (hash function), a candidate hash function to the NIST hash function competition from Bruce Schneier et al.

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